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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

New York Family Law Blog

How is an Annulment Different From a Divorce?

Divorce and annulment are means of ending marriages. There are similarities between these two methods, but there are also critical differences. If you are thinking

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How Long After A Divorce Can I File A QDRO?

Are you concerned about ensuring high-value retirement benefits are divided equally after a divorce? A QDRO is a court-ordered requirement to divide retirement benefits as

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How A Prenuptial Agreement Can Affect A Will

All financially responsible individuals want to protect their loved ones after they pass, not least when they have significant assets to distribute to their beneficiaries. 

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Is A Nesting Divorce Right For Me

Are you facing divorce with children involved? The new trend of nesting divorce could work for you. Get in touch with Adria S. Hillman today. 

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