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Why should I get a prenup?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2019 | Family Law |

Prenuptial agreements used to be absolute anathema. Plus, back in the day where the man was typically the main breadwinner and the woman stayed at home, it was far less likely for a prenuptial agreement to really benefit anybody. However, particularly if you are a Millennial, you may find it is worthwhile to consider a prenuptial agreement. Many Millennials in New York City are seriously considering prenuptial agreements as part of their marriage prospects. According to the New York Times, Millenials are requesting prenups in numbers much higher than previous generations.

The reasons behind this are pretty solid. As stated in the aforementioned article, only 13% of marriages back in the 1980s had both partners contributing equally in a monetary way to the marriage. In modern times, that number has almost tripled. Plus, people are waiting much longer to get married, and once they decide to go to the altar they often have more extensive assets on hand as compared to previous generations who got married much younger and far poorer.

A prenuptial agreement can create peace of mind for both partners. It ensures that in the event that divorce occurs, both partners are protected and there is an amicable agreement in place. Since divorce can be very emotional, having a predetermined blueprint to follow can be very helpful. Nobody wants to think about getting divorced, but considering that divorce is relatively likely in the modern age, having a contingency plan is not a bad idea.

Prenuptial agreements are also useful in the event that one spouse is planning to stay home to take care of children. Having a prenuptial agreement can make the process of determining alimony much less stressful in the event of a divorce.