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When stress from high-asset divorce leads to other problems

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Divorce |

When a marriage is brought to a close, the experience can be challenging for people from the start of the divorce process until the end. It can be emotionally draining, lead to high levels of stress, and this stress can carry over into other relationships also. For example, someone who has moved on from their ex and found a new partner may experience problems in their new relationship due to divorce-related issues. Even for those who plan on staying single, divorce-related stress can lead to problems involving one’s kids, other family members, co-workers and business partners as well as personal friends.

It is imperative to avoid these problems, especially since other relationships should not suffer because of one’s divorce. Unfortunately, that is not always very easy, especially for people who are in the middle of an extremely complicated and difficult divorce. From those with a high net worth to parents who are experiencing hardships related to a custody dispute, some divorces can take a significant toll on the emotional well-being of those who are dealing with the process.

Some people may also turn to others for support during and after their divorce. Sometimes, they may reach out to a friend or family member too often, which could lead to friction in that relationship. Or, someone may no longer wish to hang out with friends or socialize because of the challenges they are facing in their divorce. If this persists, it may lead to the breakdown of a friendship or other relationship.

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