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What is collaborative divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Divorce |

The word divorce often conjures up images of courtroom battles. There is no doubt that divorce can end up being a very bitter legal process in some cases. 
However, there are multiple ways to go through divorce. Particularly for those looking at a high asset divorce, cost can be a big concern. Some divorces can cost thousands of dollars in both time and treasure to complete. According to Forbes Magazine, collaborative divorce is one way people can potentially save money on the divorce process. 
What is collaborative divorce? 
The aforementioned courtroom battle is from the scene of a trial divorce. Trial divorces are often the most expensive of all divorces due to the number of personnel involved. If every decision needs to have an army of lawyers and judges behind it, this makes the process much more expensive. 
In a collaborative divorce, both parties will have their own lawyers but the discussions take place over a round table, rather than in a courtroom. The point of a collaborative divorce is to negotiate terms so that everybody can live with compromises. 
When is a collaborative divorce a good option? 

Collaborative divorce works well if you and your ex-spouse are still on good speaking terms. After all, negotiation requires both parties to reach a compromise. If it is impossible for you and your ex-spouse to be in the same room together, then collaborative divorce is likely not an option. 
Collaborative divorces are also good for those who wish to negotiate the terms of their own divorce. In a trial divorce, often judges are the ones making the final decisions. Collaborative divorces allow for more freedom and more input from both parties.