Manhattan Divorce Lawyers

Manhattan Divorce Lawyers

Navigating Complex Divorce Challenges with Finesse

At Adria S. Hillman, Attorney at Law P.C., we specialize in handling complex divorce and separation cases, providing legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. With our expertise in complex family law matters, we maintain the skills and expertise necessary and achieve favorable outcomes in their divorce and separation proceedings.

Jurisdictional Law Related to Your Divorce

A key area of our firm’s expertise is jurisdictional law related to divorce proceedings. Divorces often span multiple jurisdictions, both domestic and foreign, and involve assets such as real estate, business interests, financial instruments, offshore trusts, artwork, jewelry, inheritances, and international investments. Our firm has extensive experience in managing such cases and can effectively handle the complicated jurisdictional issues that arise. We have the knowledge and insight to determine the appropriate jurisdiction for divorce proceedings and to manage the division of assets that span across different countries or states.

We proudly serve in an advisory role for divorce and separation cases that extends beyond New York State. By collaborating with our network of skilled local counsel, we ensure that we have reliable and adept local divorce professionals whom act as counsel of record in various jurisdictions, providing our clients with comprehensive legal support wherever their cases may take them.

Working to Safeguard Your Reputation and Financial Future

At Adria S. Hillman, Attorney at Law P.C. our experienced attorneys have secured significant financial awards, including property division and spousal support, on behalf of non-monied spouses. We have successfully defended against unjustified and excessive financial demands, ensuring our clients’ interests are protected.

We are adept at locating hidden assets and recovering fraudulently transferred assets, including those held in domestic and offshore trusts. Our firm prioritizes protecting client privacy and has obtained sanctions in cases where our clients’ electronic devices were improperly accessed. We have a strong track record of enforcing child support and spousal support provisions of marital settlement agreements and have successfully defended and challenged trial court decisions in appellate courts.

In child custody matters, we have successfully negotiated and litigated provisions related to housing, lifestyle expenses, healthcare, and education. We are skilled at navigating and structuring provisions that protect the inheritances of children from the marriage and safeguarding assets held in trusts and family partnerships.

Representing a Diverse Range of Clientele

Since its inception, our law firm has been dedicated to serving a diverse range of clientele. Our portfolio of clients spans various industries and generations. Over the years, we have had the brilliant opportunity to represent a wide array of clients. 

Some of our client profiles include:

  • Successful entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Wealthy investors and venture capitalists
  • Prominent professionals in finance and banking
  • Influential figures in the entertainment industry
  • Renowned artists and collectors
  • Tech industry leaders and top-level executives of multinational corporations
  • Celebrities and athletes
  • Politicians and government officials
  • Prominent real estate developers
  • Established family business owners
  • Wealthy heirs and beneficiaries
  • Notable philanthropists
  • Privately-held company shareholders
  • Hedge fund managers and principals and private equity firm partners
  • High-ranking professionals in law and medicine
  • Individuals with extensive international investments

Unyielding Advocacy for the Toughest Legal Challenges

We are proud to serve a diverse range of clients, from affluent celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, and top professionals, to dedicated stay-at-home parents and individuals from all walks of life. Our team is well-equipped with extensive knowledge, proficiency, and a wealth of experience in navigating complex divorce proceedings and catering to the unique needs of each client. 

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